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"Jon spoke on his testing ideas, sharing meaningful stories of experimentation, tester inspiration, and leadership through difficult times. As a speaker, Jon's sincerity, modesty, and innovative ideas on how to teach and inspire testers on the job was very well received at Adobe."

- Adobe

We're Quardev. We're here to help with your QA, Testing, and Writing needs.

We're that extra resource, that one phone call you wish you could make when you need it most: to find important bugs quickly, to get that last revision of the manual done and into the build before shipping, to ensure your new mobile App will work on various devices, to manage the day-to-day testing, to provide extra resources for your team or determine if your entire project is on track.

Since 2000, we've been supporting our clients in releasing great software by:

  • Assembling managed quality assurance teams and completing projects in our facility
  • Placing quality assurance and technical writing professionals at our clients' site for short and long-term assignments
  • Employing our proven hiring methodologies to directly place employees with our clients' internal teams - via temp-to-hire and direct hire

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  • Testing

    Quardev is an outsource vendor, but we're an onshore solution and can provide a managed team, onsite staffing, or temp-to-hire and direct hire resources. We work hard to provide more value. To do that, we have developed unique methodologies and techniques designed to provide you with better insight to critical issues, earlier in the development process. Having our test team on your side means higher quality products for your clients.

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  • Writing

    When you need documentation, consider Quardev that "To Be Decided" line item in your project schedule. The line item could be: "Write trade show whitepaper about the newest release" or "Finish the new version of online help" or "Redesign user manual with newest product features." Like testing, our technical writing division's specialty is responsive solutions that fit the style and tone of your product, your company, and your customers.

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  • Consulting

    Quardev's consulting approach is more like "trusted advising." We'd rather talk with you than at you about solutions for delivering the best software, on time. We prefer to build trust this way and work to ensure the tactics we design make sense for you. Further, we can help execute these tactics to maximize the effectiveness, which will take your processes and products to the next level. We're on your side and we're here to help you succeed.

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