Baby on Board

An honest admission:

I became a father this past February and I *still* don’t know what to do when I see a “Baby on Board” sticker on the car in front of me.

Seriously. What does that driver want me to do? NOT carjack them? NOT honk if they cut me off, else it wake their sleeping baby?

Now when I drive and baby Charlotte’s in the back seat, I *still* don’t know what people want me to do when I see their sign. But I did think of an interesting reason to have one.

One day while I was driving, Charlotte dropped her pacifier and shrieked uncontrollably. As I fussed and impulsively reached back to find it while driving, it occurred to me that I should pull over because I was beginning to drive a bit erratically. In other words, there was an internal system in my car that other drivers couldn’t see.

What would a sign have done? Maybe it’s more to connote risk. “I may start driving like an idiot because I am subject to the whims of a child capable of reaching 150 decibels at any second…”

If only software came with such signs… but then I guess I’d be out of a job and wouldn’t be able to afford one of those nifty little “Baby on Board” signs…

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