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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Notions of “Completeness”

For the past ten years or so, part of my job as a test manager has been interviewing testers. In that time, I’ve interviewed hundreds of testers using an “audition” format. An audition is a one-hour simulated project, where the tester applying for a job comes in and demonstrates their exploratory testing ability on a […]

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Getting Dressed for Testing

Colleague Michael Bolton responded to my “Case Against Test Cases” entry and reminded me of a recent (recorded) conversation he had with my brother James about this topic. The link is to an MP3 – an hour-long conversation between Michael and James where Michael role-plays a tester as James plays the customer. As you listen, […]

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A Case Against Test Cases

I learned something today. I may not know how to run even the simplest scripted test case. I’ll show you. This one is for the File/Open dialog of Internet Explorer: On a clean XP machine, launch Internet Explorer Go to the File Menu, select Open Enter the word “TEST” into the text field Click OK […]

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