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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Bug Investigation

I’ve been to many testing conferences and workshops in my testing career (maybe you have, too), and I’ve noticed an interesting pattern. Speakers talk about all kinds of methods, techniques, approaches, technologies, tools, heuristics, mindsets, skill sets and even theories that will help you find bugs, but rarely what to do when you succeed in […]

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Plenty Questions

Here’s a little game to help you think of context when testing. It’s called “Plenty Questions.” It goes like this: I give you a riddle and you figure it out, asking an unlimited amount of “yes” or “no” questions. For example: “A woman died because she was a voracious reader. How is this possible?” Although […]

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Can vs. Will

Whenever I run a test that passes, I never stop wondering if it will pass when the customer does the same thing. Up until today, I thought that was just me being a worrier and that I needed to seek counseling about it. But a discussion today on software-testing@yahoogroups.com helped convince me otherwise. Whenever a […]

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