CAST 2008

For the third year, I’ve been an officer for the non-profit Association for Software Testing ( Each year, we’ve staged a small conference of less than 200 people who gather to talk about innovative developments in software testing. What makes this gathering unique is that each session has a facilitator to encourage discussion.

This year, CAST is in Toronto from July 14 – 16. Registration is now open to all, but AST members get a discounted rate.

The theme is “Interdisciplinary Approaches to Software Testing” and we’re proud to have booked the following keynotes:

Gerald Weinberg — Lessons from the Past to Carry into the Future

Cem Kaner — The Value of Checklists and the Danger of Scripts: What Legal Training Suggests for Testers

Rob and Anne Sabourin — Applied Testing Lessons from Delivery Room Labor Triage

Also featured are thee one-day tutorials from:

Gerald Weinberg — The Tester’s Communication Clinic

Scott Barber — Performance Testing Software Systems: Analyzing Performance Test Data

Julian Harty — Mobile Wireless Test Automation

Hung Nguyen — From Craftsmanship to Leadership

Other speakers:

Michael Bolton and Jonathan Kohl — Testing and Music: Parallels in Practice, Skills and Learning

Bart Broekman — Testing Fuzzy Interfaces – Can We Learn From Biology And Wargaming?

Morven Gentleman — Measuring File Systems

Adam Goucher — Lessons in Team Leadership from Kids in Armor

Diane Kelly and Rebecca Sanders — The Challenge of Testing Scientific Software

Jeremy Kominar — Sleight-of-Quality — A Magical Approach to Testing

Steve Richardson and Adam Geras — Seeking Data Quality: Using Agile Methods to Test a Data Warehouse

Martin Taylor — Visualization and Statistical Methods In High Volume Test Automation of Embedded Devices

Adam White — Software Testing To Improv

Doug Hoffman — Lessons for Testing from Financial Accounting: Consistency in a self-regulated profession

Scott Barber — Testing Lessons From Civil Engineering

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