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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Have you ever done acceptance testing?

In a previous post , I mentioned my role on the Microsoft Patternsand Practices team as they produce a guidance book on acceptance testing. We’re right in the thick of production and one of the ideas I’m helping them flush out is the notion of what acceptance might be in as many contexts as possible. […]

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Be Joe Schmoe

By Nat Burnett When a person heads to Best Buy and purchases a brand new software application they take it home and set it on the kitchen table, make some lunch, and then carefully open the box.They then spend 4 hours reading the documentation, making sure they know how to operate it most efficiently and […]

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Follow up on Bug Investigation

Earlier in this space, I wrote an entry about Bug Investigation. But there is an important component I did not even begin to talk about – bug advocacy. Bug advocacy means making stakeholders want to fix the bugs you find by finding effective ways to communicate. It might mean overcoming objections, motivating stakeholders with “salesmanship,” […]

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My name is Nat Burnett and I am a Software Test Engineer

That title has a decent ring to it don’t you think? Perhaps the word “Engineer” reminds you of your early childhood playing with K’nex, Legos, or setting up that model train set that eventually snaked its way through your entire basement. Those are the things I thought of when I was given the title and […]

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