Speak Now! Tips and Benefits of Sharing Your Industry Knowledge

Speaking at meetup

This week, Quardev hosted QASIG (Quality Assurance Special Interest Group), a meetup in Seattle to engage members of the high-tech community in discussions on the evolving challenges of software quality assurance. Quardev organizes these events regularly, inviting one or more speakers, to make short presentations on topics likely to be of interest to the tech community.  In addition to the presentation, there are networking opportunities throughout.

Meetups like these offer opportunities to learn and share something new, with people of similar interests, and perhaps even to discuss job offers or contracting opportunities. Pretty obvious benefits, but as great at it is to attend meetups, how can you make yourself stand out?

Have you ever considered being a speaker yourself?

Speaking at a meetup can take the networking experience to a whole new level. Whether you present on a topic alone, co-present with a colleague, or participate in a discussion as a panelist, speaking at a meetup can help you build your profile and boost your networking strategy.

  • Get noticed and build your brand and career – speaking at meetups helps you position yourself as an expert in the industry and builds your credibility. You can share your presentation videos on social media and add them to your resume. People are more likely to consider working with you when they see you as an expert.
  • Learn, grow, and master your discipline – the time you spend researching and preparing for presenting will help you gain valuable information on the content and become a SME on the topic. Sometimes the audience may have something new to share about your topic. It can be a great brainstorming opportunity as well.
  • Share your knowledge and contribute to the growth of your industry – helping others is always a great motivator!

However, public speaking or presenting does not come naturally to most of us. It can be uncomfortable and downright terrifying. So, what does it take to be a ‘successful’ speaker?

  • Know your audience – tailor your presentation to their needs and make sure you have something unique to share. Try to become an expert on the topic before your presentation.
  • Practice – the more you present, the better your presentation skills will become. Every opportunity to speak, and the feedback you receive from each experience is a chance to grow and refine your presentation skills.
  • Have fun – if you are enjoying your presentation, your audience will feel it! The energy and enthusiasm you bring to the stage will be infectious.

If you’re interested in speaking at future QASIG meetups, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us at contact@quardev.com with your topic idea – anything related to quality in technology is appropriate for our audience.

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