Case Study: Automation of Patient Portal Web Tool

Automation of Patient Portal Web Tool


  • Dental Insurance
  • Healthcare

Key Technologies/Skills: 

  • Front-end and Back-end Automation Frameworks
  • Automated Test Case Development
  • Issue tracking and root cause analysis


Our client is one of the nation's leading providers of dental insurance, offering dental coverage in all 50 states and serving more than 80 million Americans, more than any other dental insurance company. The company was created by dentists who recognized the need to increase oral health care to provide services to individuals and families, small businesses, and retirees. Their core purpose is to advance the oral health of their customers, partners, and consumers through dental insurance and philanthropic efforts. The client has a local presence in communities across the country, providing groups and individuals with quality, cost-effective dental insurance and superior customer service and is an important figure in the dental and health insurance industry. Quardev has a long history with this client and was able to easily engage on the Automation and Quality Assurance of a new patient portal web tool for their website.


The largest challenge in an automation/performance project is determining the scope, including the number of user scenarios and size of the test set up required. Our automation resources are adept at this as were able to finalizeour approach and resource needs.


Quardev was tasked with determining and verifying the performance of a new patient portal web tool. This required understanding typical user scenarios, essentially why and how a user would use the tool. These user scenarios had to be modelled appropriately by creating virtual users and simulating simultaneous user interactions to determine the system stability. We wanted to figure out when and how the system might fail, such as failing to respond or crashing. Additionally, it had to be confirmed that the client's minimum number of users could successfully use the system without issue.Quardev assembled a team and determined the most important scenarios to be tested. While keeping in constant communication with the client, Quardev worked through all the necessary scenarios preparing the tool for efficient and smooth patient use.

Technical Implementation 

To complete this project, scripts were written to handle virtual user scenarios. To do this, Quardev used a third-party tool called Silk Performer. In testing the new web portal, multiple user scenarios had to be created and were therefore set up to simulate user interactions with the patient portal.


The client was very pleased with the work done by Quardev, allowing them to launch their new patient portal web tool and improving the client and customers experience. From previous accounts to this specific project, the client has found Quardev to be a useful resource in their Quality Assurance and Automation needs.

Quote from the client:

“We reviewed the results ... and were very happy with what was done.”

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