5 Tips for a successful video interview

Top Tips for a successful video interview

Are you getting ready to venture out into a new career? You’ve managed to complete the first steps of the application process, and surely you know what’s coming, the daunting and oh so stressful: Job Interview. How you present yourself in this interview might land you that offer you’ve been waiting for… no pressure. As if interviews weren’t enough to think about, this pandemic has thrown us a bit of a curveball. However, just as a little training and effort provide the means to crush that curve, so does some preparation to knock a video interview out of the park. Here are a few tips and tricks to nail a video interview and take advantage of showing off your willingness to adapt to the times:

1. Set Up The Right Environment

Before the interview begins, you must set the stage. Consider your location. Ideally, you want to be in a quiet, private, well-lit place. Neutral colored, plain backgrounds such as a simple wall are best to show you are prepared and professional. It enables the interviewer to focus all their attention on you, not what’s going on in the background.

Dress professionally and avoid bright colors to aid in keeping the attention on you. To avoid any mishaps, take some time to familiarize yourself with different video conferencing platforms, (zoom, skype, etc.). Make sure you have a stable internet connection and test out your computer’s video and audio beforehand.

When the time comes, you should turn your phone on silent and put any computer notifications on do not disturb. Make sure you do everything you can to give yourself a good starting position and then build from there!

2. Be Smart About Your Movements

The video setting calls for a little bit of distraction. Do everything in your power to keep the attention on you and what you have to share. Use a pen and paper to take notes as typing can be distracting and is mistaken for multitasking. To avoid any doubts, hold them up to the camera before you go to write the first thing down.

You’ll also want a printed copy of your resume nearby, so you can answer any questions with ease. When you’re talking, look directly at the camera to mimic eye contact.

Try to position the video window as close to the webcam as possible because looking anywhere else on your screen seems like your attention is focused away from the interviewer. When you are listening, try to nod and smile to show you are engaged. Do your best to keep an upbeat mood and show confidence with your body language, like keeping good posture and doing your best not to fidget!

3. Practice Beforehand

A little practice is always a good idea before an interview, even more so now with the new aspects to navigate. Hit up some friends and family in the days leading up to the interview and practice your videoing skills. Make sure your connection is good and troubleshoot any issues you may have so that all you have to worry about in the moment is getting that job.

4. Remember to Treat it Like A Job Interview

Although it may be happening through a screen, remember that all the same rules still apply. Treat it as if you were meeting the interviewer face to face. It is your responsibility to create the most favorable, professional image of yourself possible and convince the interviewer you are qualified for the role. Research the company, market, key players, competition, etc. and make sure you show that you have the skills and abilities for the position. Just as you should practice with videoing beforehand, practice what you want to say out loud and have a clear idea of the messages you are trying to get across. Although far more complicated, try to use this platform to get to know the company culture. You may do so by asking questions such as, “What are the top traits of the most successful team members?” and “Can you give an example of a recent team conflict and how it was handled?” Just as much as they are interviewing you, you are getting to know the company that you may join.

5. Take Advantage of The Pandemic

Lastly, use this pandemic to your benefit by showing your exceptional reaction to the times. The odds are pretty high that you will be asked how you have handled work during Covid-19. This is a perfect opportunity to play to your audience and highlight skills that would be valuable for the hiring manager to learn about you. Be strategic in your answer and use it to demonstrate your positive attributes rather than wasting it by not thinking about your reply beforehand. Employers may use this to assess your leadership, creativity, and adaptability during a crisis, and you should do the same. Ask them how they’ve been getting on and know that showing resilience is favorable in the eyes of the employer.

You now have all the tips for a successful video interview. Don’t shy away from the new normal, learn, and adapt. You have what it takes to master this process and put it to use to lock in that next great job!


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