Case Study: Consulting, Project Management, and Quality Assurance Services

Consulting, Project Management, and Quality Assurance Services


  • Shipping & Logistics

Key Technologies/Skills: 

  • Project Management
  • Agile Methodology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Quantum Annealing
  • Quality Assurance


Our client, a shipping & logistics organization, operates a terminal in the largest port in North America. With logistics services highly commodified, they want to improve terminal efficiency and throughput. They recognized a robust opportunity to achieve these improvements due to recent advances in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML). However, this also entailed complex greenfield software development, which is outside their team’s core competencies.

Seeking deep experience in quality assurance, testing, and managing software development projects, the client turned to Quardev to ensure the significant project risk would be well-mitigated.

Solution at a Glance:

Quardev structured our services to target both project and product risk with great flexibility. We built a process and documentation framework for future development efforts, mapped requirements to project deliverables, and guided project management to the delivery of the AI/ML platform along with a supplemental mobile app.


The client’s core experience primarily lay on the operations side of the terminal. The project warranted substantial software development, quality assurance, testing, and project management experience. Additionally, the greenfield nature of the project and the advanced complexity posed formidable challenges for even seasoned project management.

Compounding the complexity of the project was the dispersed nature of the vendors. The client gathered a group of software vendors, each with critical skills and experience to lend to the overall project. The vendors, with varying SOWs and delivery models, needed to work together to deliver the final product and required complex project management to ensure the projects were moving forward.

Risk abounded, for project quality as well as product quality - Quardev was able to join the project to fill the quality role and assist in the overall project management.


Quardev structured our services to target both project and product risk with great flexibility. We assigned a quality consultant to assess both types of risk and deliver mitigations while building a process and documentation framework for future development efforts. The flexibility in the SOW enabled the quality consultant to both plan testing efforts and participated in their execution.

The project entailed a robust data science effort, an advanced simulation with a digital twin, and one of the world’s first commercial uses of quantum computing. The Data Science and analytics phase ensured we were asking the right questions and measuring the right KPIs. We leveraged Power BI to create empowering analytics dashboards.

The terminal’s entire operation was simulated, including the inbound and outbound ships and trucks, their preferences, and objectives. We meticulously tested the simulation against the analytics dashboards to ensure the simulation was as close to reality as possible.

Once the digital twin was built and tested sufficiently, we were able to falsify several candidate efficiency strategies to vet their efficacy and scalability, with specific and direct expected improvements in KPIs.

Finally, the right solutions were selected, which entailed an AI-based scheduling enhancement, some front-end web app changes, and the development of a new mobile app. Through Quardev’s project management consulting, the client managed the mobile app as a distinct, Agile development project.

We unified the vendors’ team communications onto one platform, established meeting and reporting cadence, and performed typical Agile project management, leaving behind a process framework risk and release management in addition to development projects.


The software deployments were successful, and we left the client with an Agile process framework in place. We took a strong initiative to deliver value and advance project progress during occasions of ambiguity.

Senior leadership expressed great satisfaction with the rapid prototyping, quick & seamless progress, transparency, and scheduling accuracy of the mobile app project. Senior leadership described our delivery as “phenomenal” several times and expressed the desire to “adopt” us.

Client Quote:

“The Quardev assistance in our project was a great contributor to project success.  We are greatly appreciative and impressed by the professionalism, experience, and work product that was provided.  The ability to quickly learn our processes and project needs was essential to the detailed development of business requirements and integration testing assistance.”

Case Study: Consulting, Project Management, and Quality Assurance Services


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