Tips for Virtual Onboarding of New Hires

Virtual Onboarding of new hire

At the moment, millions of people have found themselves working from home, forced to adjust to a whole new routine. For new hires, especially, this time can be quite confusing. Here are some tips to make the virtual onboarding process engaging, straightforward, and stress-free while keeping up with the times.

1. Clarity is Key

More than anything, new hires will require explicit instructions on how to complete the tasks of onboarding. Transparency and clear workflows ease a new employee’s anxieties surrounding the task at hand and make the whole process run more smoothly. To do so, create a clear onboarding path, set clear job expectations by laying out everything your hire needs to know to be successful in their role, and develop checklists, whether it’s weekly, monthly, or however you chose. Be clear in what you want and precise in how you communicate it with your new hire.

2. New Technology? Set-up, Share, and Train!

Make sure your new hire receives training in using whatever collaboration software you may have in place. Provide them with what they need before the first day and allow them to familiarize themselves with the technology so the first day can run smoothly when it comes time for the work to begin.

3. Ensure The Tools For Success

Give your new hire access to all the various resources that may help lead to their success. Connect new employees with colleagues they should know to build their networks while remote. Be flexible and understanding. Set up a buddy system. Allow them access to all team meetings, and more to provide everything they need to be successful.

4. Have Frequent Communication

During this time of isolation, frequent and useful communication is vital. Make sure to check-in before, during, and after the onboarding process. Give your new hire feedback to let them know how they are doing. Be open and available, and make sure they feel able to ask questions when they need it.

5. Foster A Thoughtful Culture And Build Connections

This may be the most important tip of all. You must build an engaging virtual culture and incorporate it into the workplace from day one.  Plan virtual social events with new hires such as trivia, happy hour, themed meetups, or whatever you like! Highlight positivity, be sure the new hires meet the team and make it a habit or part of a routine to establish connections through lunches or coffee, making each employee feel part of the whole.

6. Cover all your bases

A lot goes into the onboarding process. Make it easier for everyone by ensuring the new hire has everything they need. Consider using a checklist of onboarding tasks to make sure all requirements get completed. Use programs such as DocuSign to sign all the necessary documents quickly. Create a plan and execute it while building trust with your new hires. In turn, your mastery of this process will allow you to be more attractive to prospective employees and maintain business continuity.


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