2018 Annual Career & Internship Fair

Next Thursday, January 25th, Quardev will be at the Worksource Career Fair at North Seattle Community College from 2-4 PM.  Come see us and learn more about what we do and our current openings!

North Seattle College, 9600 College Way N, Seattle, WA 98103

First Floor, Opportunity Center for Employment and Education (OCE&E)

Thursday, January 25, 2018, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Welcome to our Team – Sallie Davis!

Sallie Davis

Allow us to introduce Sallie Davis, Seattle resident and talented Strategic Program Manager, who joins our Quardev Consulting team. Sallie will be engaging with a leading multimedia client in the capacity of Transition Program Manager.

“I’ve had the chance to work with Sallie for many years, and in a variety of roles. We’re very excited to have her on our team and supporting this client project.” – Jim Frazier, Business Development Manager.

Congratulations to Sallie on this new position! We are excited to have you on our team.

Education Software and Courseware Testing Solutions

At Quardev, we love learning. We also thrive on sharing ideas that enable our team to grow professionally, and ensure that we are employing the best solutions for our clients.

In the education field, Quardev’s experience includes work that spans early learning and edutainment, K-12, and collegiate scholastic studies, as well as professional vocational and technical training. We understand the mechanics and nuances of delivering content while managing security issues and can quickly expose areas of high risk within an application.

Our clients find us a reliable partner in the testing of delivery engines, Learning Management Systems / Learning Content Management System applications, content, and database integrity – ensuring your product meets your requirements, release deadlines, and exacting standards for quality.

We look forward to hearing from you! Contact us today to learn more about Quardev, and what separates us from the field in the courseware testing space.

15 Years of Quardev!


Thinking back over the 15 years since we started Quardev I’m amazed at the changes we’ve seen both in technology and society. 15 years ago the twin towers were still standing, the country was less polarized, Facebook and other social media channels didn’t yet exist, technology was booming and dominated by the big guys – those who could afford to invest in R&D and long development and production cycles.

That scenario has all shifted drastically – we endured a national devastation when the twin towers and the pentagon were hit, precipitating the technology sector to free-fall into a deep spiral. Morale was low and things looked dire at the time but sticking to core values and believing in our collective spirit has helped us (and the country!) through countless challenges.

In any service industry, you must provide what your clients want and find value in. For us, it began with testing educational software. Our founders and our early team all had a passion and deep roots in education and loved helping our clients bring great options for online delivery of courses. And now there are whole institutions that use this method.

Weathering changes, adapting, rising to challenges, and thinking in terms of innovation have been at our core. Over time we’ve morphed from being the premier provider in testing education software to a well known and respected full-service testing facility that includes software delivered on endless modalities – PC/Mac, Smartphones, Tablets, TV set-tops, Car systems… and more.

In giving our clients the services they want and need we now staff projects in our facility that we run along with providing direct contract professionals who are embedded with our client teams – and more than Test and QA, we also help with project managers, developers, designers, UI/UX people and technical content team members.

It’s been fun and challenging and with every shift and change in the world and industry has always stayed engaging!

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