PNSQC 2016 Call for Presentations is Open


PNSQC 2016 – Cultivating Quality Software

How do you cultivate great software? How do you grow a great team? What’s your secret for producing a great product? Answer the Call for Presentations! Be at PNSQC 2016.

Share your knowledge and experience on:

  • Get results from a small and scrappy team
  • Balance quality, cost and schedule in a startup
  • Continually optimizing delivery
  • Enable development productivity with targeted tools
  • Manage risk across a large organization
  • Apply agile practices to deliver

Cultivating quality requires hard work from the entire team: including developers, architects, quality assurance engineers, and project managers. Everyone contributes to producing quality.

Just starting your software career or are a seasoned professional, we are all looking for ways to make better software, meet market demands, and drive business success. There are “How to & FAQ” to help you along, come and tell us about:

  • Innovations for delivering quality software
  • Tools that make the difference in development process
  • How automation has affected your testing
  • How continuous improvement has changed your work
  • Which technologies have had the greatest impact on quality
  • What methods produce results for preventing and detecting problems

Come on, tell us, be a speaker, go to

March QASIG Meeting – So You Think You Can Write a Test Case

March 9th at 6PM with the presentation beginning at 6:30PM

See the Website for more information and to RSVP: QASIG March Meeting Details

So You Think You Can Write a Test Case

Presented by Srilu Pinjala

In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, mobile communication, advanced extreme programming, and agile methodologies, we have come a long way. But did we come a long way in every aspect of software development and testing?

Why do we develop software? To practice great coding and to create products that will provide value and be successful.

Why do we test software? To make sure the requirements were met, bugs are found early on, and to passive aggressively give your developers a run for their money.

Software has been developed and tested, now what? Are we done? Is it time to move on to the next best thing or are we just getting started?


January 2016 QASIG Meeting

We kicked off the 16th year of the QASIG on Wednesday, January 13th. We are very excited about a new year and facilitating fresh content for and with our colleagues.

David Brown got us started by taking a look at the premier security testing tool, Burp suite, developed by Portswigger.  Check out the video on our YouTube channel.

How to Burp

Burp Suite, despite the funny name, is one of the security industry’s most mature and widely used tools. While some say this is mostly a result of the industry’s lack of any other mature or widely used tools, those people are missing the point. By providing a variety of tools, all connected to a robust HTTP proxy, Burp Suite strikes a careful balance between automating only tedious or time consuming aspects of security testing websites and services, freeing testers to focus on the more important (read: fun) aspects of any given test. We’ll take a tour through Burp, focusing on features available in
the free version of the Suite along with some of the more useful plugins available through the (mostly free) appstore.

About our speaker: David Brown – Senior Security Engineer @ Security Innovation, Inc.

David has amassed expansive expertise in secure software development, mobile platform security and enterprise authentication/authorization. At Security Innovation, David uses this expertise to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in enterprise software applications, complex networked systems, cloud applications, web applications and mobile applications. He has worked on projects for companies such as Adobe, Amazon, Kronos, Microsoft, and Symantec.

Prior to joining Security Innovation, David held various positions for the Boeing Corporation including Security Analyst and System Design/Integration Specialist. His primary focus was application and mobile security, responsible for the development and maintenance of security guidance for internal application developers and IT across the company. He also analyzed various mobile platforms, developed security policies for data handling and mobile application development, and led the security review and assessment of a critical iOS application deployment that delivered highly sensitive data to a high-target user base.

David earned a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Houston, which was fully funded by academic scholarships.

Details about our March QASIG will be posted soon… stay tuned!

CAST 2016 Call for Participation

The 11th Annual CAST conference will be held in Vancouver, BC on August 8-10, 2016.

Call for Participation

The CAST organizers invite you to share your experiences and thoughts related to the theme, Testing, Software Development Catalyst.

They are seeking abstracts and proposals in line with the conference theme in these formats:

Track sessions consist of a presentation of up to 40-45 minutes, plus 20-30 minutes of moderated question and discussion time. The best track session is probably an experience report from a real project. Sessions that present teaching material are also common. Other formats might be debates and panel discussions.

Workshops are two-hour long double-track sessions where the speaker will lead a discussion or conduct exercises. We’re looking for workshops that create concrete artifacts for participants to take home such as lists, mind maps, or other findings. Workshops that involve performances of software testing are even better. Please discuss the session, learning objectives, and deliverables created by students in the Key Takeaways of the submission form.

Tutorials are educational sessions held the day before CAST. The selection process for Tutorials will be announced separately.

November 2015 QASIG Meeting 11/11 @ 6pm

Join us for the next QASIG meeting featuring Jamie Campbell from Tableau Software who will share his experience with working in a Combined Engineering model.

Wednesday, November 11 at 6pm – pizza and beverages at 6 with the presentation to being at 6:30.

Check out the QASIG Website for more information and to register for this event. Hope you can make it!


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