Quardev's Response to COVID-19

Covid-19 Updates

The situation around Covid-19 is continuing to evolve. We'll be continuing to publish regular updates here to keep you up to date on our response and initiatives relating to the virus and how we'll keep our team and our clients safe.

First, your health and safety and the safety of your family and loved ones are paramount, that is business as usual for us. But now with this novel coronavirus, we are doubling down to be here for our team, clients, and candidates.

What we are doing:

  • We consult with and follow all guidelines outlined by federal and local agencies to ensure the safety of our team and associates.
  • We have reviewed and updated our policies, including working from home, travel, sick, and personal time off to accommodate our staff and remain sensitive to these uncertain times.
  • We have created careful plans and procedures to follow for the different scenarios we can conceive to alleviate risk and ensure our business can continue to operate and provide great jobs for our team and key services for our clients.

Our Team
We are lucky that most of our employees can successfully work remotely. We ensure each team member has access to hardware, software, and remote working tools.

Our Candidates
We work closely with our candidates via digital tools to interview, screen, and submit to the positions that will enhance career growth. While some clients are taking a break from immediate hiring, others are moving forward and continuing to work on projects - and we know more will be coming. We are here to help those looking for work to find their next opportunity.

Our Clients
We are here to help by continuing to provide our 5-Star Service and everything that goes along with that. From sourcing and vetting the best candidates for a project to spinning up teams - we are using our remote assessment and onboarding tools to ensure things go smoothly.

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