March QASIG Event – Test Strategy: Approach, Scope, Coverage, Tooling, Measures, Puzzle Pieces, Politics

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Date(s) - 03/13/2024
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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We’re honored to welcome the authors of the new book “Software Testing Strategies”!

If you’ve ever seen a “test strategy” document that is just a list of test techniques, we hear you. Perhaps, your situation is different, in that you’ve never seen such a document at all. Perhaps you actually think of test strategy as the way the organization invests time in uncovering information about the software under test in order to manage risk. That’s fantastic. That said: If you had eight minutes with an executive who was truly interested in testing in your organization, what would you say?

Matt Heusser and Michael Larsen will take the time to walk you through their systematic analysis of what matters in testing for delivery teams. You’ll learn how to describe what you actually do, the current risks, what you could do — and what the costs will be. Along the way, pick up ways to visualize and explain testing with minimal information loss.

About our presenters:

Jon Bach, QASIG Host – Jon has more than two decades of software quality project experience as a tester, test manager, test consultant, and test director, which he has used to help eBay make sure it’s marketing efforts are thoughtful and relevant. He has an energetic and practical style, and he is known to many eBay customers as “Jon the Bug Hunter.” Jon can be reached at

Matt Heusser – Matt is the managing director at Excelon Development and the co-author of “Software Testing Strategies: A Guide for the 2020s.” He is also the 2014 recipient of the Most Influential Agile Test Professional Person (MAITPP) award in Potsdam, Germany, and a 2015 recipient of the Most Popular Online Contributor to Agile at the Agile Awards (Marble Arch, United Kingdom). Over the course of his career in software, he has served two terms on the Association for Software Testing and delivered keynote speeches on the topic on three continents.

Michael Larsen – Michael is the co-author of “Software Testing Strategies: A Guide for the 2020s.” (Packt Publishing, 2023) with Matt Heusser. He is a veteran quality assurance professional with experience in a variety of industries. He writes, advocates, and speaks on the topics of Software Testing, Quality Assurance, Accessibility, Inclusive Design, and Testability.

Michael enjoys finding issues in systems, working with developers to fix those issues, and helping customers solve problems and develop new and better solutions. His mission is to create, lead, mentor, and encourage the growth and sustaining of world-class testers and test teams.

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