Our headquarters and solution center is well suited to handle projects large and small.

From Fortune 500 companies to newly formed start-ups - we've helped. Our facilities include sterile, secure environments suitable for a myriad of projects along with various offices, open spaces, and conference rooms. Our commitment to security is reflected in our powerful firewalls and premium secure-lab areas, giving you peace of mind.


Convenient Location

We are easily reached in the Ravenna neighborhood in Seattle Washington. Coming from downtown Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Fremont or other neighborhoods in this technology-rich area? It’s an easy trip with the bonus of free parking.

Secure Labs and Offices

We take your company’s privacy seriously. Need a secure area to complete mission critical projects? We’ve got it. When your project demands a high level of security, we can isolate areas in our building to require specific credentials.

Varied Hardware and Imaging Systems

We maintain re-usable images of machine set-ups (operating systems, browsers, combinations of applications) so our engineers can get to work rather than mess around with installations. Additionally, our varied hardware enables us to integrate both current and legacy systems for testing projects


Partner with us to hit the ground running. You’ll get hand-picked resources that meet your unique requirements, and we’ll start adding value to your business on Day One. Contact us to get started.

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