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Chemistry Quality Control
Id: #QV4013
Murrieta, CA or Hybrid

Experience - 7 Years

Summary and Skills

5 years of experience as a Chemistry Tutor teaching General and Organic Chemistry. Graduate Teaching Assistant with 1.5 years of experience.

  • 4 years of experience with bacterial cell culture using aseptic techniques and differential and selective media needed to culture specific bacteria. Experience with purifying specific bacterial species from mixed samples and performing confirmatory tests via biochemical analysis.
  • Eukaryotic cell culture – experienced with yeast cell culture and analysis, and minimal experience in mammalian cell culture. Confident in following the protocol and aseptic technique to culture mammalian cells.
  • Fluorescence microscopy – 1 year experience with microscope analysis of cells using a fluorescent microscope.
  • Microscopy – 6 years of experience using brightfield microscopy to identify bacteria and cells.
  • Standard Lab Procedures – 6 years of experience with standard lab techniques such as pipetting, maintaining a lab notebook and clean workstation, measuring chemicals, and preparing media, as well as following protocols and taking meticulous notes.
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