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Senior Software Engineer

Id: #QV4026
Austin, TX / Remote

Experience  13+ Years

Skills and Experience

  • Experience coding, designing, testing, and shipping production level code
  • Proficient in over 20 coding languages
  • Containerization with Docker
  • Responsible for 2 containers that ran an enterprise program product for shopping carts, sales, and purchases at IBM
  • Experience coding for new functionality, including new APIs and bug fixes
  • Strong C experience and proficient in C++
  • Built a suite of products that help customers use any public or private cloud/data center using Python
  • Skilled in writing Unit and Function testing
  • Host of Texas Annual Python Convention
  • Top Secret Clearance
  • Programming Languages: Python, C, C++, Assembly (x86, z/390), Rexx, Java, Javascript, APL, Perl, Ruby
  • Data Languages: HTML, XML, Json, Document Composition Facility, IPF, SQL, MongoDB
  • Methodologies: OO Programming, Agile development, filing patents, GIT
  • Hardware platforms: IBM mainframe (applications programming), x86 PC and server (applications and systems programming), x86 and microcontroller (embedded), debugging BIOS and firmware with American Arium ICE and soft-ICE, USB
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