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Senior Python Developer

Id: #QV4030
Austin, TX or Remote

Experience  5+ Years

Skills and Experience

Full Stack Engineer with 5+ years of dedicated experience utilizing Python, Django, and SQL as primary for web and application development (roughly 10 years total of Python exposure and writes Ad-hoc SQL queries by hand for analysis and app development). Adept in implementing best practices for rapid application development and upholds high-level ways of thinking as a software developer. Keeps current practice with the various Python tools, including Python Poetry and Mypy for testing applications.

• Programming Languages: Python, SQL, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#
• Backend Development: Django (Rest Framework), FastAPI, Celery, PostgreSQL, Redis, GraphQL
• Frontend Development: Modern React (functional, hooks, etc.), TypeScript
• Tooling: Docker, git, GitLab (CI/CD), bash

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