Recruiting as a Service with Quardev

Need to hire key staff members but don't want the commitment and long-term costs that come with an in-house recruiter? Our talented team of recruiters can step in and start meeting your growth goals right away.

Our Dedicated Recruiting Service helps with:

  • Recurring or cyclical recruiting needs
  • Maximizing productivity during peak hiring seasons
  • Stop-gap recruiting support
  • Covering critical team hires when your internal team is at capacity
  • Securing coverage for your in-house team members who are moving on to other job openings or are taking a vacation, leave of absence, or sabbatical
  • Securing uninterrupted recruiting support to meet your long-term talent acquisition goals

Our Recruitment Process

Our recruiting process begins and ends with relationship building. From meeting candidates through tools and networking to screening, vetting, and consulting to ensuring each person's professional goals and path are on track, to introducing a star team member we know will be successful with our client, we only consider our job accomplished when a great match is made.

We have developed a clear, people-centered process that strives to be inclusive and never forgets that we are all human. Whether you need recruiting help for a short-term push or ongoing hiring expertise we'll find the candidates who add to your culture, have the skills you need, and are truly invested in your goals.

Recruitment As a Service process

Its easier with Quardev

Keep your team focused on the projects they are passionate about.

Our Dedicated Recruiters enjoy broad exposure to a variety of companies, teams, and industries, as well as the opportunity to work on a wide range of roles and with a diverse candidate population. They are motivated by challenges and recruiting assignments that demand their skills are stretched.

As permanent Quardev team members, our recruiters enjoy competitive salaries and benefits. Unlike contract recruiters who may start searching for their next role even before their assignment with you has come to an end, our dedicated recruiters maintain your assignment as their sole focus, end-to-end. They are fully invested in helping you achieve your hiring goals.

Continuity, Flexibility, and Measurable Value

Quardev’s Dedicated Recruiting Service offers continuity, flexibility, and measurable value. When you can’t afford to lose recruiting momentum, using our Dedicated Recruiting Service is an ideal solution compared with having to make a contract or direct-hire, allowing you to reduce overtime expenses as well as the fixed costs of additional full-time recruiters.

Expert Skills

All of our dedicated recruiters have been interviewed and vetted so you can rest assured they have the skill sets required to be successful on assignment. They bring broad recruiting experience and a wide range of abilities in areas critical to recruiting efforts.

Immediate Coverage

We maintain a pool of dedicated recruiters who are available immediately upon offer and service agreement acceptance. We also engage our internal recruiting staff to fulfill a custom set of skills or industry knowledge specific to your requirements as needed.

Seamless Hand-offs

Our recruiters are experts at transitioning their role to your internal team member. While remaining open to the possibility of returning to support your recruiting efforts again in the future.

Ready to hire or have questions?

Contact us today for more information or to start hiring the talent you need now. Our team is ready to help.

I have worked with Quardev continuously since 2009 and they have consistently been a great partner for us. Their testers are superb and integrate well with our Agile process and team. Quardev is an outstanding organization to work with.

D.D, Healthcare Support Company, QA/Test Services and Consulting

Development Director

The quality of their people and services are without match in the software testing and assurance field. Their management and sales team members ensure their customers satisfaction and are willing to be creative in how their service is provided. I certainly recommend Quardev for the quality of their services, people, and pricing.

R.M. - Healthcare Client, Software QA/Test Services

Development Manager

Quardev consistently provides software quality services that offer great depth and efficiency. I have used Quardev's services for years and they always operate as a trusted partner working together with our organization on successful solution delivery.

B.G., Software QA/Test Services

QA Manager

Quardev was instrumental in the successful launch of our new corporate website. This site is where our sales funnel through so its success was critical. Quardev brought structure to our testing and was cheap insurance in bringing this new product to market. Due to previous positive results we are now looking to engage Quardev as our testing resource for the deployment of a new ERP solution this year.

R.B, Retail Client, QA/Test Services

Development Director

I hired Quardev to thoroughly test the Web site prior to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They came back with a report outlining a series of recommendations that could be implemented in time for the busy holiday season. The changes that were made as a result of this report helped insure stability of our Web site when it was most critical.

B.V., Retail Client, QA/Test Services

QA Manager

The Quardev team worked with us to help create a client facing user guide and SaaS help documentation. It was a demanding technical writing project communicating new concepts (at that time) in advanced marketing automation to a retail marketing manager end-user audience. The quality of the documentation was key in the adoption of and satisfaction with our retail platform. The end-user documentation was often showcased in pre-sales calls with prospective clients.

G.H., SaaS/Retail Client, Technical Writing

Development Manager

I've recommended Quardev to two of my clients for projects I was leading as a consultant - putting my reputation on the line by recommending them, because I could count on Quardev's capabilities to help me and my client succeed.

R.S., Consulting Services, QA/Test Services

Project Manager Consultant

Excellent services at reasonable prices

B.A, Consulting Services, QA/Test Services

Project Management Consultant
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