Wednesday, 11/15, November QASIG Meeting

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For our last meeting of the year, we are excited to welcome Penny Allen, from Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI), who is going to share her PNSQC Keynote presentation with us. If you weren’t able to attend PNSQC this year it’s a great opportunity to catch it. Let us know if you can join us!

Quality Engineering 2017: Trends, Tricks, and Traps

The motivation to develop digital experiences faster and better is the centerpiece of the Quality Engineering movement. Said more simply, we have to do even more with even less despite galactic level complexity and consumer expectations.

The question is: How?

We have to evolve our toolset, our techniques, and even our thought processes. In a very real sense, we have to redefine ourselves and our craft and we have to do it NOW before the choices are made for us.

In this talk, we’ll look at the different ways QA teams are adapting to their new reality: everything from service virtualization to contract testing to blue/green deploys. We’ll explore tools and techniques that worked and a few that failed. We’ll look at the trends driving mobile development, platform development, and cloud engineering with a very specific eye on keeping quality at the forefront of every effort.

My goal is to arm you with the knowledge necessary to start your own revolution and the will to challenge the norm in search of the next, great evolution.

About our speaker:  Penny Allen is the Director, Enterprise Quality Assurance at Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) and started her technology career as a mission systems engineer for NASA and then decided to try something really challenging: quality assurance! Her fortuitous decision to attempt something new became a hallmark of her career as she explored the expanse of software development with Engineering Leadership roles at companies like Nike and Fiserv.

That passion for continually trying new things brought her to the forefront of the Quality Engineering movement in the age of Continuous Deployment, DevOps, and SAFe. No longer content to watch the same good intentions produce the same mediocre results, Penny dove head first into rebuilding the concept of QA. Telemetry instead of test plans; meaningful data instead of monotonous metrics – the list of opportunities is endless.

In her current role at REI, Penny is building a quality program centered on solid engineering, great people, and the desire to always do a little better than the day before. There is always something novel to try in the quest to build better experiences.

November 2015 QASIG Meeting 11/11 @ 6pm

Join us for the next QASIG meeting featuring Jamie Campbell from Tableau Software who will share his experience with working in a Combined Engineering model.

Wednesday, November 11 at 6pm – pizza and beverages at 6 with the presentation to being at 6:30.

Check out the QASIG Website for more information and to register for this event. Hope you can make it!


July QASIG is this week

Tomorrow, July 8th at 6 pm is the July QASIG Meeting – Join us for our air conditioning, the free beer and pizza, and 5 great, short talks about QA and testing.


We have 5 speakers ready to give short Lightning Talks. You will be cool and comfortable while learning something new and hanging out with your colleagues old and new. 


  • Brian Watson
  • Ian King
  • Cristina Marinovici
  • Andy Fox


Hope you can join us!


Check the QASIG Website to learn more and register for the meeting.  You can register by sending us an email ( or via the QASIG Website.


The meeting will run 6-7:30 at Quardev headquarters with the presentations beginning at 6:30. Let us know if you can join us! 


We’ll also be live streaming via our UStream channel (QASIG).

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