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What to Consider When Considering a New Career in the New Year

New Year New Career

New year, new resolutions, should a career change be one?

New Year’s is that time when we reflect on who we have been, who we want to be, and what we can do to move a little bit closer to our ideal self. It’s time for self-realization and assessment of where we are professionally and personally.

For most heading into the New Year, there is generally more of an open-mindedness towards keeping career options open, or at least networking to gain an understanding of the current job market and one’s value within it. What fewer people seem to do is to deeply consider what it is that they both like and dislike about their current role. This is important because without a solid and fundamental understanding of where we are in relation to where we want to be, and without getting in contact with those basic human elements that are responsible for our motivations, we are bound to repeat our same patterns, even if they are not optimal.

In this New Year, ask yourself why you have stayed where you are for so long, what would you change about your current situation, and why it is that you are considering change other than the arbitrary start of a new calendar year? Hopefully, you will arrive at the conclusion that you have stayed in your current role for good reason. While there is a time to consider a career change, don’t do so expecting an impossible perfection from a future role when your current one is great. On the other hand, don’t fall into the trap of convincing yourself that your mediocre role is great without seeking answers to hard questions.

For a start, consider some basics: do you have the title that you want, is there a path in your current company towards that title if you don’t have it, what is the timeline to get there? Are you even title sensitive? Is your company as flat or as structured as you would like it to be? Is your company culture one that is strong, one that you have an affinity for, and one that is inclusive?

Is your company hiring people that are easy to work with? Do you have the freedom and autonomy that you would prefer to have? Are you comfortable that the impact you are making is substantial enough? Are you providing products or services that bring you immense pride? Are the products cutting edge enough for you? Is there a stability that you are experiencing that is difficult to sacrifice even if the perfect opportunity presented itself? There is a whole myriad of concrete and common reasons behind strong positive or negative feelings towards your current role, or even the ennui that paralyzes you into quasi-satisfaction.

If your recruiting consultant is a good recruiting consultant, they should be able to direct you. They should not hesitate to listen and tell you when you actually are in a good situation, and they should be aggressive enough to help you find a step closer to towards an ideal change should your current situation not be satisfactory. If you aren’t asked basic motivational questions, you risk a fate of being in a role where you are unaware of whether or not it is the best fit for you at best, and you risk moving to a situation that is ultimately less satisfactory at worst.

Thoughts on WTIA’s FullConTech 2015

Seattle is on a roll. With the number of construction cranes in the air, and vehicles on the road, it would be hard to miss that something is up with Seattle. Championship football team? Check. Amazing (summer) weather? Check. Leading technology center of the world? Check. Check. Check.

Quardev recently had the opportunity to attend the WTIA’s FullConTech conference, held at the Washington State Convention Center. At this inaugural event, members of the high-tech community, along with representatives from industry, government, and other regional stakeholders gathered to address the Seattle regions continued challenges in its effort to keep up with the demand in the technology space.

Seattle sports icon Lenny Wilkens kicked things off as the keynote speaker. Drawing on a lifetime of teamwork, Coach Wilkens fired up the attendees for the day at hand with inspiring stories. Members of the Quardev team attended the offered panel discussions with a primary theme being “attracting top talent” to the PNW. Compelling panel members and moderators from the region answered questions and provided first-hand anecdotes how their companies are meeting the tech talent challenges.

It’s clear that traditional career paths are not as common – particularly in the technology sector. A couple of the key points for each perspective:

  • Employers are looking at personality, non-cognitive skills, and IQ of candidates, which seem to have the best correlation to success on the job.
  • Candidates are looking for a sense of ownership, inspiration, and work/life balance.

Companies who can screen for a good culture/skills mix and then give these bright people reign and purpose have a winning recipe for success.

There was much more and we at Quardev look to stay inspired ourselves and in turn share that with our clients and employees. Great event!

Open post

Why Quardev

Relationships mean everything.

That’s why we provide our signature 5-Star Service not only to our clients, but also to every Quardev team member. This commitment to responsive, thoughtful business practices is how we make great experiences happen.

Since 2000, we’ve been supporting our clients by:

  • Assembling managed teams and completing projects in our facility
  • Placing development, quality assurance and test, project management, and user assistance professionals at our clients’ site for short and long-term assignments
  • Employing our proven hiring methodologies to directly place highly-skilled employees with our clients’ internal teams – via contract-to-hire and permanent placement

We are keenly aware of cost and schedule concerns. Our expertise and flexibility along with our 5-Star service standard and customized approach will help you release your products efficiently with the highest quality.


What Sets Us Apart?

How We Work

At Quardev we have been fortunate to work with high-tech giants and start-ups along with many inbetween. We are adept at customizing our model to fit client needs – and can scale-up along with you, ensuring you have the team members you need for completing a current project or getting a jump on a new one. We’ve seen diverse project complexities and technological challenges and our clients span multiple business channels: education, aerospace, financial, healthcare, entertainment and games, media and interactive, and large and small software and service platform developers.

Proven Vetting Methodologies

One of our hallmarks of success is our ability to quickly vet our candidates for key skills and for culture fit. We have refined our interviewing and engagement process to streamline skill validation and assess personalities. We strive to ensure the best culture fit for the client and the candidate – working to ensure a perfect match.


Boutique Service – Global Reach

We are based in the Pacific Northwest – but help our clients globally.

Whether you need technical help to supplement your team in the Pacific Northwest or US nationwide we can find the talent you need. We have a team able to support managed projects in our Seattle location where we have successfully supported teams around the globe.

Our Leadership Team

Joe Dillon

CEO, Quardev, Inc. 

Joe is the founder and CEO of Quardev. With more than 30 years of technology and software experience, Joe is a lifelong entrepreneur who has started numerous companies – the first of which when he was twelve years old! Joe founded Quardev, Inc. in 2000 to address the increasing demands of high-profile organizations for top-notch software testing and project management expertise. The QASIG followed in 2002 out of his and Shelly’s desire to foster engagement within the local quality assurance community. Outside work, Joe is a committed husband and father of a terrific teenaged son. He enjoys bicycling, playing music, and really, really good food.

Shelly Dillon

President, Quardev, Inc.

Shelly is a co-founder, President, and Technical Communications Manager for Quardev. She has a long history in writing technical material for a wide variety of applications and leading the charge in creating the right content for the right audience. Always curious, Shelly is enamored with technology and is a lifelong student. When she isn’t working you can find her hanging out with her family, reading, checking out the newest restaurants, walking her dogs, or watching hockey (Go Wings!).


Partner with us to hit the ground running. You’ll get hand-picked resources that meet your unique requirements-and we’ll start adding value to your business on Day One. Contact us to get started.

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