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November QASIG: Service Virtualization in Action: How Alaska Airlines tests for snow storms in July

#ServiceVirtualization | November 8 | QASIG-Seattle “Service Virtualization in Action: How Alaska Airlines tests for snow storms in July” is a QASIG-Seattle talk being presented by Ryan Papineau, Automated Testing Engineer at Alaska Airlines during the upcoming #QASIG #SeattleTech #Meetup at #Quardev | reserve your seat Why did Alaska Airlines receive J.D. Powers’ “Highest in Customer Satisfaction” recognition […]

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Test and Quality Assurance Services

Quardev helps reduce ongoing costs in recruiting, hiring, training, and maintenance of expensive test platforms by providing highly qualified quality assurance and test professionals and services. We provide talent for contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent placement, along with in-house managed services to ensure your product meets your exacting performance and quality standards. When you contract with Quardev, you’ll always be […]

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Baby on Board

Posted by Jon Bach on July 1, 2007 An honest admission: I became a father this past February and I *still* don’t know what to do when I see a “Baby on Board” sticker on the car in front of me. Seriously. What does that driver want me to do? NOT carjack them? NOT honk […]

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Expert Game

Posted by Jon Bach on March 11, 2007 Twelve years after I started my testing career, I still feel like a student. That’s why I felt so honored last week in being asked to give the Commencement Address for ITT’s spring quarter graduation ceremony. One of their career advisors had seen me give a guest […]

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Baby Oracles

Posted by Jon Bach on March 11, 2007 On February 16, I became a father. This is related to testing in more ways than I can count, but let me give you my favorite. Ever since I announced my wife was expecting, all kinds of parents have given me all kinds of advice, and now […]

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What is rapid test planning?

Posted by Jon Bach on March 11, 2007 Rapid test planning is a process of cultivating test ideas within minutes, not days. Its opposed to rigorous test planning which strives to find every possible test. The trade-off is time vs. thoroughness because often were given tight constraints for testing. Management wants test results quickly and […]

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Posted by Jon Bach on March 11, 2007 I got called into a conference call today because of an emerging question a client had about combination testing. They wanted us to test their online survey, an application which consisted of several questions, most of which had an array of answers from which the respondent could […]

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TV Shows for Testing

Posted by Jon Bach on March 11, 2007 I love tv. Perhaps too much. But I don’t sweat my addiction too much because most of the shows I like have a testing component to them. Notice that your favorite shows, movies, books all have an important element that you’ll see in testing. Conflict. The difference […]

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